To Protect The Poets: Reviews

August 24, 2016



Elizabeth Alice Murray, Ariel Kim, Deshawn Wyatte, Joy Donze, and John Isgro in To Protect the Poets. Photo by Peter Zielinski.


Ariel's Fringe show is going splendidly. Check out what the critics are saying!

"Doble's thumbnail sketches of the three [students], embodied by the talented Joy Donze (Courtney), Ariel Kim (Mingzhu), and Deshawn Wyatte (Jamal), have a vividness, [and their] performance of the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet (enhanced by their commentary) is at once funny and moving."
Charles Wright, Curtain Up

"John Doble’s characters are masterfully written. They all have a clearly defined identity and point of view, each with a recognizable arc within the play; by the end they are not the same people they were at the beginning. This shaping and molding of the characters happens in a way that feels natural within the world of the production. Never does a character’s growth or change read as a deliberate writer’s choice, but instead as an inevitable consequence of the circumstances.

The latter is obviously helped [by] having the text be supported by a stellar cast. Each cast member brings something unique; their talents play a major part in creating the intrinsically layered world in which this story takes place."
Mary-Anne Wright, Theater Is Easy

"The other favorite moment is when Mac’s students re-enact a balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet: witty, fresh, and with great one-liners, the scenes with her students lit the mood and gave the audience a much-needed chuckle."
Karen Woodin-Rodríguez, How To Make It As An Actor